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Welcome to Santa Maria on the island of Sal, Cape Verde. Our accommodation is in the town of Santa Maria on south end of the island. In this lively town you will find everything from trendy surf shops, colourful cafés, restaurants, bars, clubs, incredible beaches and a multitude of watersports.

We offer you a choice of two different types of accommodation. Our apartment in Tropical Resort is at the west end of town. This is ideal for those wanting a relaxing pool and beach holiday. Our town house, La Praia, is a value offering aimed more at those who are keen to surf. It is located between one of the main surf clubs and Kite Beach.

With flights of around only 6 hours from much of Europe, Sal is a great choice for a sunshine holiday. Although a very dry and rather barren island, it has one of the best beaches in Cape Verde. The main beach in Santa Maria, Sal is 8km of soft sand with turquoise, translucent waters. As a result it offers ideal conditions for a classic beach holiday. The island is ideal for beach lovers and those keen on water sports, but also those more interested in culture and sight seeing.

The north east tradewinds usually blow from about November to May. Therefore, the island then becomes a magnet for surfers and kite surfers. There are water sports galore, such as surfing, jet skiing, windsurfing, diving, whale watching, kite surfing, sailing, swimming, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing. Sal is considered to be amongst the world’s top five windsurfing locations. Furthermore there are several wrecks around the island and many reefs and caves to explore. From May to November, there is less wind, the water is usually clear, and therefore perfect for diving. If you would like to learn there are plenty of places to hire equipment, have lessons and organise trips. You may also be able to watch the whales if you take a boat trip.

We know that you will enjoy your visit to the tropical island of Sal…

Kite beach Santa Maria
Santa Maria beach, Sal
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