Activities in Sal Cape Verde

    Sal is the most developed of all the Cape Verde Islands in terms of tourism and it is certainly an island for beach lovers! There are activities galore, such as swimming, surfing, jet skiing, windsurfing, diving, cave diving, fly-boarding, jetty jumping, sailing, canoeing, whale watching, turtle watching, kite surfing, kite boarding, cycling, deep-sea fishing, quad biking, horse riding, even shark watching and yoga (but not at the same time!). The list goes on and on… Below you will find some of the best activity providers in Santa Maria.

    Horse Excursions. Horse Excusions is the only certified Riding Centre offering Horseback riding Excursions on Sal Island. This is a small family business managed in accordance with the European standard. They attach the greatest of importance to the individual care of their guests and loving care of their four-legged personnel. Several kinds of excursions are offered: 1h, 1h30m, and 2h, together with experienced guides. You will ride along the coast of Sal island, discovering the beauty of both the East and West coasts and go sightseeing through the Salinas of Santa Maria. With specific reservation and request, they can also organise half-day excursions to discover the wild land in Sal into the Natural Reserve of Serra Negra.

    Horse excursions Sal, Cape Verde

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