Bicycles for Cape Verde children

Public transport in Cape Verde is minimal and non-existent on some islands. As a result many children have to walk a long way to and from school. This means that they arrive tired and that has an adverse effect on their ability to learn. Having seen this for himself, whilst holiday, former Commonwealth Games athlete, Dave Savage decided to do something to help.

Dave, who lives in Southampton in the south of England has launched a project called Spokes and Dreams. The aim to is provide bicycles for distribution to children in Cape Verde so that they can use them to get to school. There are two ways to support this very worthwhile cause. Firstly, money can be donated; and secondly old, but serviceable bicycles can be delivered to the Decathlon sports store in Southampton. Donated bikes will be checked over and then eventually boxed up and sent out to Cape Verde.

The bicycles will be distributed through the Cape Verde Cycling Federation. This is a project that needs support. The nine islands are all very different. Therefore, people who have only visited the two main tourist islands (Sal and Boa Vista), will not necessarily know how undeveloped some of the other islands are. Education is vitally important to any country’s economy and future. Consequently, this project will help to raise educational standards in this developing country. The Director of the Federation has said that this initiative “will make a massive difference”.

If you live near Southampton and have a bicycle to donate, please take it to the Decathlon store 24 Harbour Parade, Southampton SO15 1BA. If you would like more information or to make a monetary donation, please visit Dave’s website.

[30 Sept 2022]