British soldiers in Sal Cape Verde

British soldiers in underpants rampage in Cape Verde

A group of british soldiers has brought disgrace on the British Army by their appalling, drunken behaviour in Sal, Cape Verde.

The 130 soldiers were on their way to the Falkland Islands. Their transporter plane stopped to refuel in Sal. The onward journey was delayed because of a technical fault with the plane. The men had to be put up in hotels in Sal, while the problem was fixed.

They must have thought that Christmas had come early when some of them found themselves in the ‘all-inclusive’ Melia Tortuga hotel. They proceeded to take full advantage of the alcohol on offer.

Other holidaymakers, including a number of families, were horrified to see the soldiers behaviour. Some were sunbathing in their underwear, arguing loudly and fighting with each other. They also swore at the hotel bar staff whilst ordering copious amounts of drink, including cocktails.

Four of the men were arrested by police, appeared in court and fined £150 each. The British Army confirmed that those involved would be disciplined. The cost of accommodating the soldiers following the plane problem is estimated at £40,000.