Ferry services, Cape Verde

As of yesterday (15 August 2019) the inter-island ferry services in Cape Verde are being operated through one company. The new company (Inter-Ilhas), has been formed for this purpose. Transinsular, a Portuguese company, has a 51% share in the the new company. Cape Verdean shipping owners will retain a 49% interest. This change is in part to create a scenario where the more profitable ferry and shipping routes subsidise the less profitable ones. This new arrangement is set up for 20 years.

From Monday 19 August 2019 ferry journeys can be booked through Inter-Ilhas.

The ferry routes covered by this new organisation are:

Santo Antão – São Vicente;
São Vicente – São Nicolau – Sal;
Santiago (Praia) – São Vicente;
Brava – Fogo – Santiago (Praia);
Santiago (Praia) – Maio;
Sal – Boa Vista – Santiago (Praia); and
São Nicolau – Santiago (Praia).

Praia on Santiago still remains a hub for several of the ferry services

Ulisses Correia e Silva, Prime Minister, said that this new arrangement will ‘change Cape verde’. It will provide a service that is regular, punctual, safe and of quality. In addition, he considered that it would help passengers and businesses. They would know when services were operating and they could therefore plan their travel or businesses accordingly.