Cabo Verde Airlines

The Covid pandemic had an enormous effect on the flights into and out of Cape Verde and consequently on tourism. Significant routes that have not yet been reinstated are the connections with South America. Now Cabo Verde Airlines, the national carrier, is looking to re-start flights to Brazil. Prior to Covid there were flights between Cape Verde and Fortaleza, Natal, Recife, Salvador and Porto Alegre. The ambition was that Cape Verde would be a hub between Europe, Brazil and the African mainland.

After some difficult times for the airline, the Cape Verdean government now has control of the company and has sought to reinvigorate it. The airline recently purchased a Boeing 737 MAX plane and this will be a useful if these Brazilian routes are re-established. It will also help the company to expand its links with European cities. Currently they only fly to Paris and Lisbon. Within Cape Verde, the airline currently flies in and out of Praia (on Santiago), Sal and São Vicente.

[16 Aug 2023]