More flights to Cape Verde

In recent months a number of additional flights to Cape Verde have been announced. On 02 May 2023 we announced that TUI will start flying from Bristol (UK) to Boa Vista in 2024. They are also continuing to fly to Sal from Bristol through the summer, when often the flights reduce or stop completely. We also reported in March that TUI were also commencing flights to Sal from other UK airports – East Midlands, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Now we can report that Transavia, the French airline, is starting flights from Paris Orly to Praia (on Santiago) and São Vicente. These flights will start at the end of October 2023. The Praia flight and will be on Monday and Friday. The São Vicente flights will be on Sunday.

Luxair recently announced more flights to Sal and Boa Vista, plus new routes to Praia and São Vicente. These changes will start at the end of 2023. Currently Luxair flies weekly to both Sal and Boa Vista.

Cabo Verde Airlines have reported the resumption of flights between Praia and Bissau (Guinea-Bissau). Currently the airline only connects Cape Verde with Lisbon and Paris.

This continued increase in flights is good for the tourist industry in Cape Verde. We haven’t seen anymore information about low-cost airlines, as had been suggested early in 2022.

[31 May 2023]