Recycling waste into butterflies

Recycling waste into beautiful butterflies

Recycled waste made into butterflies

Starlink coming to Cape Verde

Starlink in Cape Verde update

Starlink to be available in Cape Verde in 2025

Improvement works to Cape Verde airports

Airport improvement works

Airport improvement works in Cape Verde

Cape Verde embassy for London

Cape Verde embassy for London

A Cape Verde embassy is planned for London.

Music festivals in Cape Verde

April music festivals in Praia

Praia on the island of Santiago is shortly to be host to two music events

Speak Kriolu app

Speak Kriolu app

A new Speak Kriolu app is now available.

Cabo Verde the freest African Country

Cabo Verde – freest African Country

Cabo Verde, the freest African Country

Loggerhead turtle

Turtles and plastic

Turtles and plastic are not a good combination.

Record February temperatures

Cape Verde record temperature

Cape Verde experiences a record temperature for February