Opening up Cape Verde

Cape Verde is opening up again. From the beginning of July 2020 international flights are resuming operations and TICV (formerly Binter CV) are recommencing internal flights at the end of June. Internal ferry services have now started again.

International and internal flights and ferries were all stopped on 18 March 2020 because of Covid-19. Apart from emergency supplies and occasional flights to evacuate visitors, there has been no travel since then. The lack of tourists visiting Cape Verde will have caused considerable hardship for the country and for the many people for whom tourism is their only source of income. Many people will be relieved that the country is opening up again.

Some countries have introduced a quarantine period for people arriving back from holidays. Sadly it may therefore be a while before tourism to this lovely country gets back to previous levels. If you are wanting a holiday later in the year, or had to cancel one earlier, why not consider Cape Verde? Lovely beaches, friendly people, good weather and all within about six hours from much of Europe.

We have based this on the best information that we have found. We will keep you updated as and when we hear more.

Come and explore Cape Verde. If you have been before, why not come back?