Praia Goncalo Maio

Much of the world is living through very difficult times. Covid-19 has changed our lives and will do so for some time. As a result, the Cape Verdean government has now banned all flights from countries affected by the virus. This ban started yesterday (18 March) and is expected to last three weeks.

This will be very tough indeed for the population of this small country. People’s holidays are being cancelled, hotels are shutting for the time being and holiday rental properties are standing empty. Tourism is a very important industry for Cape Verde and will hit people hard. It is hoped that we will all be able to travel again before too long, but only time will tell.

In addition to flights, the ban also includes cruises and shipping. Crew on freight and fishing vessels will not be allowed to disembark. Urgent medical evacuations and the delivery of medicines etc., will be allowed.

These are stringent measures that will impact on the people of these islands. It is hoped however, that it will, at the same time, protect the population.

This will be our last post for a while, unless there is something of importance that will be of interest. We will resume normal service when this Covid-19 situation improves.