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Travel to Sal Cape Verde

International Flights

International flights: Sal is one of the four islands in Cape Verde that it is possible to fly to direct from Europe. There are four international airports on the islands of Sal, Boa Vista, Santiago and São Vicente. From those four international airports, it is possible to use domestic flights or ferries to reach other islands. However some islands only have ferry access.

Travel to Sal is possible within about 6 hours from much of Europe so you could be on the lovely Santa Maria beach within the same day. Unless you wish to island hop, it is best to travel to Sal direct. The Amílcar Cabral International Airport is only 25 minutes from the resort of Santa Maria by taxi. Santa Maria is where most visitors stay, and it has the best beach on the island.

Please ensure that your passport still has at least six months to run after your travel dates. All visitors are required to register before arriving in Cape Verde. Visitors from some countries will require a Visa to enter Cape Verde. All visitors will be required to pay tourist tax.

Travel to Sal could be the start of your Cape Verde adventure. You can explore this island and then use domestic flights to move on to other islands. Until recently, Sal was not served by ferry, but there is now a ferry service linking Sal to Boa Vista and São Nicolau.  Cape Verde provides plenty of variety in terms of landscape, activities and culture.

There are slightly fewer flights to Sal during the summer months. The frequency and variety of flights to Sal is consequently at its most in the winter months (October to May). If you shop around and can be a little flexible with your dates, it is possible to find very reasonably priced flights.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights within Cape Verde are operated by Cabo Verde Airlines. From the airport on Sal, it is possible to get direct flights to Praia (Santiago), São Nicolau and São Vicente. Other airports can be reached by changing at Praia.

If you have any travel difficulties and would like the assistance of a Cape Verdean travel agency, please contact us.


Sal is connected to other Cape Verde islands by public inter-island passenger and cargo transport services. The ferry services connect Sal to Boa Vista and São Nicolau. Ferries schedules are subject to change and we recommend that passengers check with the operator. Ferry tickets can be booked online from CV Interilhas and must be purchased at least 1.5 hours before vessel departure.

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